OSAS helps maintain the Community Cage project, which provides co-location services to various community projects (CentOS, Fedora, Gluster, Ceph…).

To provide infrastructure for more granular needs, or for smaller communities without their own hardware infrastructure, OSAS created the OSCI project. OSCI is a tenant of the Community cage and provide:

  • shared services, used by multiples communities
  • hosted services for small tenants or tenants in need of complementary services

All services are made using Free software.

Provided Services

The list of provided services is flexible and expanding with time and new projects.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of services we are used to provide and can deploy in a reasonable time:

Category Service Description
DNS secondary DNS servers for community domains (transfers secured using TSIG)
Mail redirections, boxes with IMAPS/POP3S access (with anti-virus and anti-SPAM)
  mailing-lists (using Mailman 3, migration from Mailman 2 possible)
  secondary MXs for community domains
Web web sites hosting (static preferred, Ruby/Python/PHP/NodeJS possible)
with HTTPS (using Let’s Encrypt) and security settings (headers, CSP…)
  builders for various static sites generators (Ascii Binder, Jekyll, Middleman, Planet)
Tickets RT queue on our shared server
Time time server (NTP) accessible inside the Community Cage
VM Raw VM with root access

Services Administration

Shared services are fully managed by the OSAS Community Infrastructure (ComInfra) team, whereas hosted projects are handled according to project members’ wishes, from raw VM with root access to full management by the OSAS team and anything in the middle.

The infrastructure “code” is public and we much welcome contributions. We use Ansible for deployment and maintain various Ansible roles on GitLab/GitHub already. These services are deployed using the OSAS/community-cage-infra-ansible repository on GitLab.

Current Services

Shared Services

Service Location Description Status
MX1 Mail redirections, RT mail accounts OK
backup mail server for OSCI and communities OK
MX2 backup mail server for OSCI and communities WIP
NS1 DNS master server OK
DNS slave server for OSCI and communities OK
NS2 DNS slave server for OSCI and communities WIP
NTP stratum 2 server using a CDMA device OK
DHCP/TFTP, netboot menu for various distros, manual/unattended installs OK
Ticket Tracker RT for OSCI and communities (RDO Cloud, Fedora Infra Security) OK
hypervisor OK
VMs hypervisor WIP
Storage NFS server providing extra remote storage for VMs or blades OK
Supervision Monitoring, alerting OK

Hosted/Managed Services

        Level of  
Tenant Service Location Description Involvement Status
ASCII Binder Website Builder   Webserver full HOLD
  Website   ASCII Binder builder full HOLD
Community Website Builder Middleman builder for full OK
  Website Webserver for full OK
GDB Build machine Buildbot hosting-only OK
Gnocchi Website Gnocchi & client documentation builder and web server, web server full OK
Minishift MLs Mailman 3 full OK
NFS Ganesha MLs Mailman 3 full OK
  Web redirection redirection to GitHub wiki full OK
  File zone Webserver with SFTP uploads full OK
Open Source Infra MLs Mailman 3 full OK
OpenJDK Sources Webserver and SFTP accounts full OK
oVirt MLs Mailman 3, web UI on collaboration OK
  Website Builder Middleman builder for collaboration OK
  Monitoring Icinga collaboration OK
Patternfly Forum Discourse collaboration OK
PCP Tools   Taskboard and various tools hosting-only OK
PO4A Website Jekyll or ASCII Binder builder and webserver full OK
  MLs   Mailman 3 full OK
Pulp Publishing Server Pulp serving Pulp hosting-only OK
  Website Builder Jekyll builder for collaboration OK
Webserver for project pages and documentation collaboration OK
RDO Website Builder Middleman builder for collaboration OK
SCL Website ( Webserver hosting-only OK
Silverblue Proxy Web Reverse Proxy full OK
Spice Website Webserver full OK
The Open Source Way Website Mediawiki full OK