Embedded Communities

Embedded communities are tenants with whom we work closely on their infrastructure.

Tenant Involvement
Beaker member of the infrastructure team
Gluster lead of the infrastructure team
RDO member of the infrastructure team
oVirt member of the infrastructure team
Project Atomic / Silverblue lead of the infrastructure team
working with Fedora sysadmins
Pulp member of the infrastructure team
Theopensourceway.org infrastructure team

Tenants of the Community Cage

The following tenants are hosted in the Community Cage (co-location services for various community projects):

  • CentOS
  • Ceph
  • Fedora
  • Gluster
  • Sourceware
  • Trystack
  • Wildfly

Hosted Tenants

We provide VMs, containers, and services to Hosted Tenants using the OSCI infrastructure.

Tenant Service Location Description Level of
Beaker Website / Mails www.beaker-project.org
Webserver with rsync uploads for website and RPMs, mail aliases collaboration OK
Ceph File zone nextcloud-ceph.osci.io Nextcloud full OK
DogTag PKI MLs lists.dogtagpki.org Mailman 3 full OK
Fedora Atomic Test nodes fedora-atomic-[1-6].osci.io dedicated blades for tests collaboration OK
Gerrit gnutoolchain-gerrit.osci.io   hosting-only OK
Build machine gdb-buildbot.osci.io Buildbot hosting-only OK
Gnocchi Website gnocchi.osci.io Gnocchi & client documentation builder and web server, web server full OK
Heptapod CI heptapod.osci.io dedicated blade for CI node hosting-only OK
JBOSS MLs lists.jboss.org Mailman 3 full OK
Kiali OpenShift Service Mesh bot kiali-bot.osci.io   hosting-only OK
Website Builder koji-web-builder.int.osci.io Nikola builder for www.koji.build full OK
Website www.koji.build Webserver full OK
Minishift MLs lists.minishift.io Mailman 3 full OK
Enterprise Neurosystem

MLs www.enterpriseneurosystem.org Webserver full WIP
MLs enterpriseneurosystem-web-builder.int.osci.io Jekyll builder for www.enterpriseneurosystem.org full WIP
MLs lists.enterpriseneurosystem.org Mailman 3 full WIP
NFS Ganesha
MLs lists.nfs-ganesha.org Mailman 3 full OK
Web redirection www.nfs-ganesha.org redirection to GitHub wiki full OK
  File zone download.nfs-ganesha.org Webserver with SFTP uploads full OK
Open Data Hub MLs lists.opendatahub.io Mailman 3 full OK
Open Source Infra MLs lists.opensourceinfra.org Mailman 3 full OK
OSBusiness MLs lists.osbusiness.org Mailman 3 full OK
OpenJDK Sources openjdk-sources.osci.io Webserver and SFTP accounts full OK
Operate First MLs lists.operate-first.cloud Mailman 3 full OK
OSPO/OSCI Analytics cauldron.osci.io Cauldron instance hosting-only OK
Jupyter Notebooks jupyter.osci.io Data science and AI research full OK

MLs mail.ovirt.org Mailman 3, web UI on lists.ovirt.org collaboration OK
Website Builder ovirt-web-builder.int.osci.io Middleman builder for www.ovirt.org collaboration OK
Website www.ovirt.org Webserver collaboration OK
Monitoring monitoring.ovirt.org Icinga collaboration OK
Glance glance.ovirt.org Glance instance collaboration OK
Patternfly Forum patternfly-forum.osci.io Discourse collaboration OK
PCP Tools   Taskboard and various tools hosting-only OK
PO4A Website www.po4a.org Jekyll or ASCII Binder builder and webserver full OK
  MLs lists.po4a.org Mailman 3 full OK
Podman MLs lists.podman.io
Mailman 3, shared with the Buildah project full OK
Pulp Website Builder pulp-web-builder.int.osci.io Jekyll builder for pulpproject.org collaboration OK
  Websites pulpproject.org
Webserver for project pages and documentation collaboration OK

Builder python-builder-rawhide.osci.io CI Builder hosting-only OK
Builder python-builder2-rawhide.osci.io CI Builder hosting-only OK
Builder python-builder-rhel7.osci.io CI Builder hosting-only OK
Builder python-builder-rhel8.osci.io CI Builder hosting-only OK
Builder python-builder-rhel8-fips.osci.io CI Builder hosting-only OK
Website Builder rdo-web-builder.int.osci.io Middleman builder for www.rdoproject.org collaboration OK
MLs lists.rdoproject.org Mailman 3 collaboration WIP
Shipwright MLs lists.shipwright.io Mailman 3 full OK
Software Heritage Computation Indexing/Processing node dedicated blade hosting-only PLAN
Spice Website www.spice-space.org Webserver full OK
The ChRIS Project MLs lists.chrisproject.org Mailman 3 full OK
The Open Source Way Website theopensourceway.org Mediawiki full OK
Zanata Translation Tool translate.zanata.org Zanata instance full OK

Externaly Hosted Tenants

We also provide services using third-party plateforms to complement our own infrastructure.

Tenant Service Location Third-Party Status
Conscious Language Checker CLC Demo clc.osci.io OpenShift Dedicated OK
DuckCorp LDAPWalker Demo ldapwalker-demo.duckcorp.org OpenShift Dedicated WIP

Blog communityblog.fedoraproject.org WPEngine OK
Blog fedoramagazine.org WPEngine OK
Podcasts podcast.fedoraproject.org WPEngine OK
Redmine projects.theforeman.org OpenShift Dedicated OK
GitHub Bot prprocessor.theforeman.org OpenShift Dedicated OK
Gluster Website + Blog www.gluster.org WPEngine OK
Open Org HedgeDoc notes.theopenorganization.org OpenShift Dedicated OK
oVirt Blog blogs.ovirt.org WPEngine OK
OSPO Website next.redhat.com WPEngine OK
Project Atomic Website www.projectatomic.io OpenShift Dedicated OK
Artifacts fixtures.pulpproject.org OpenShift Dedicated OK
Discourse discourse.pulpproject.org OpenShift Dedicated OK
Container Registry registry.quarkus.io OpenShift Dedicated WIP
Website status.quarkus.io OpenShift Dedicated OK
RDO Blog blogs.rdoproject.org WPEngine OK
Red Hat

Website arcade.redhat.com OpenShift Dedicated OK
Website + Blog next.redhat.com WPEngine OK
Website research.redhat.com WPEngine OK